Black Walnuts – The Good For Your Heart Nut

Black walnuts, which are found in the Ohm Sweets Think BOHMB can help treat a wide variety of health issues. This is due to the fact that walnuts are a wealthy supply of nutritionally essential elements. Black walnuts have substantial quantities of potassium and magnesium. Essential Omega 3 is contained by it, and Omega 6 essential fatty acids which are very advantageous for the health; especially the heart.

Having a few walnuts regularly can be great for your heart’s health, and decreases the opportunities of stroke and heart attack. This is actually the best way to guard your heart. Studies show that consuming walnuts can help our cholesterol levels to stay in a healthy range, therefore making sure we keep our hearts healthy. In a single study, it was apparent that black walnuts can perform a critical part to keep damage to the heart at a minimum after a heart attack.

3e11f3071401c3944efcebae5cdbaa2bThere has been research that supports that black walnuts can eliminate candida, which is a fungus similar to yeast. This is due to the fact that black walnuts are alkaline forming, and fungi and other parasites aren’t capable of living in an alkaline environment. Ergo, consuming these nuts does quite a bit to help with candida and other fungus/parasites. The research demonstrated that black walnuts are much, much better than most antifungal medications. Therefore, those attempting to protect their intestinal health from these types of attacks can surely rely on black walnuts.

Black walnuts have also been shown to have laxative qualities, and thus can help with constipation. Eating black walnuts is an all-natural means to get respite from any sort of debilitating bowel issue.

Quick summary:

  • Aids in healthy digestion
  • Supports regular bowel movement as an all natural laxative
  • Antiseptic healing qualities (both internally and externally)
  • Assists in balancing blood sugar and decreasing cholesterol
  • Helps to clean out any toxins and dangerous pathogens
  • Kills Parasites